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Should I Get an SR22 Non Owner Insurance Policy

I sold my car and I just want to know if that will take care of my SR-22 bond since I wont be driving any car?  Should I get a non owner policy?


Thank you for asking Grace.

If you are required by your state to provide proof of financial responsibility for 3 years in the form of filing an SR-22 certificate then that means even if you sold your car you will likely still have to continue and maintain your SR-22 coverage.

In some states that require SR22 insurance to get your drivers license reinstated after a conviction, or if you were found driving without insurance or because of DUI, the driver is normally required to carry it to keep your drivers license, even if you do not own a vehicle.

Non Owners SR22 insurance

Non Owners SR22 insurance

Some states will require you to maintain a non-owners SR22 insurance now that you do not own a vehicle. A non-owners insurance policy permits you to operate a vehicles that you do not own but are given permission by the vehicle owner to drive.

You may contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles to find out if your state will require you now to get this type of coverage and what minimum limits they will require on it.



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