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Non Owner Insurance in Massachusetts

I have a drivers license in Massachusetts but I have no car or insurance, Can I drive another persons car that is insured in Massachusetts? Do you offer quotes on non owner car insurance in MA?


Haverhill, MA

The Massachusetts compulsory auto liability insurance law requires that all vehicle have insurance on them with the minimum limits of $20,000/$40,000 for bodily injury and property damage of $5000. From this information it would appear that it is the car and not driver that the insurance must be on to comply with the law.

Massachusetts non owner auto insurance

Massachusetts non owner auto insurance

If this is the case then an individual with a valid Massachusetts driver’s license but does not own a car to put insurance on, and does not carry a non owner insurance  policy, should be able to drive other people’s insured vehicles with their consent. The individual giving the uninsured driver permission to drive their car should verify with their insurance company though to make certain the friend they are lending the vehicle to will be covered by the owner’s policy if they are in an crash.

If you are going to borrow your friend’s vehicle on a regular basis then the insurance carrier may require you to be added to the car insurance policy in order for you to be properly covered.

You can easily compare rates on car insurance in MA by using the free no obligation rate quote form at the top of this page. You can then select from multiple car insurance companies in Massachusetts that best fit your needs. Cheers



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